Along with the implementation of “plastic bans” in the world, more and more countries began to replace plastic bags with paper bags, the whole demand was soaring. The following is google about paper bag machine search hotness. The top 10 countries are Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Indonesia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Canada, United States.

Paper Bag Roaring DemandPaper Bag Roaring DemandPaper Bag Roaring Demand

When facing the strong demand, many of our customers are also new to the industry, ready to make a big impact in the paper bag machine industry. In this article, we will introduce the equipment and related information about the paper bag machine factory needs.

Something About The Machines Needed For The Paper Bag Manufacturer Starters! (3)

1.Paper Bag Machine Equipment

Before buying the paper bag machine equipment, you need to do sufficient market research in the market to determine the bags you want to produce, and then purchase the corresponding appropriate paper bag machine equipment.

Now the main circulation of kraft paper bags on the market are mainly gift bags, food packaging bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, dried fruit bags and so on.
And our factory equipment can support to do the machine for following styles.

paper bag typesPaper Bag Types

The material is kraft paper, and the paper thickness is between 60-150gsm. The A,B,C,D paragraph corresponds to the sharp/flat bottom paper bag machine, mainly used to pack food. E,F,G,H paragraph corresponds to the square bottom paper bag machine, mainly used to do supermarket grocery bags, shopping bags and so on.

Raw Material of Paper BagsRaw Material of Paper Bags

After determining the basic bag making style, we need to match the right model according to the size of the bags. The following are our factory models for selection, and we also support customized models, please contact us for confirmation of specific needs.

A, Sharp/Flat Bottom Paper Bag Machine—For Sharp Bottom Bag
Budget Range:52000USD-925000USD

Sharp Bottom Paper Bag MachineSharp Bottom Paper Bag Machine

We have below Models.

a, Model NO.: JD250
Bag width: 70-250mm,  gusset: 20-120mm, bag cutting length: 100-450mm, adopt Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and british PLC
Machine Size: 6800x2300x1900mm
Operator needed: 1

b, Model NO.: JD350
Bag width: 70-350mm, gusset: 20-120mm, bag cutting length: 175-715mm, adopt Original Germany LENZE Servo motor
Machine Size: 8800x2300x1900mm
Operator needed: 1

B, Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine—For Grocery Bag
Budget Range:52000USD-925000USD
Adopt Germany Original rexroth servo motor and PLC

Square Bottom Paper Bag MachineSquare Bottom Paper Bag Machine

We have below Models.

Model RZFD-190 RZFD-330 RZFD-450 RZFD-450B
Cutting length – C 190-370mm 270-530mm 270-530mm 380-760mm
Paper bag width – W 80-190mm 120-330mm 260-450mm 240-450mm
Paper bag bottom width – H 50-105mm 60-180mm 80-180mm 80-200mm
Paper thickness 50-130g/m2 60-150g/m2 70-150g/m2 80-150g/m2
Paper bag speed 30-200 pcs/min 30-180 pcs/min 30-150 pcs/min 30-140 pcs/min
Paper roll width 280-640mm 380-1040mm 700-1280mm 700-1330mm
Roll paper diameter 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Machine power 3phase 4line 380V        12kw 3phase 4line 380V        15kw 3phase 4line 380V        18kw 3phase 4line 380V        20kw
Machine weight 5800 kg 7200 kg 7500 kg 7800 kg
Machine size(mm) 8200x3200x1900 9200x3700x2000 9200x3700x2000 9200x3700x2000
Bottom types

C, Carry Bag Making Machine—For Carry Bag With Handle
Budget Range:130000USD-345000USD

Fully Automatically Carry Paper Bag MachineFully Automatically Carry Paper Bag Machine

As for paper bag with handle machines, we have semi-automatic and fully automatic machines to choose from. Semi-automatic machine is to produce paper bag by normal square bottom paper bag machine, and then stick the round or flat wrist on it manually. Automatic machine is to achieve the wrist production and paste, bag production, the final product is carry bag.

Our round rope automatic paper bag machine has the following models.

round rope automatic paper bag machine
Machine Video:

2. Paper Printing Equipment

a, Standard Offline Printing Machine    Budget Range:28000USD-46000USD
b, Standard Inline Printing Machine      Budget: Range:18000USD-41000USD

Flexo Printing MachineFlexo Printing Machine

We have the professional flexo printing machine with ceramic anilox, doctor chambered blade, auto recycling ink pump. Have the 2 colors/4 colors and inline and offline are optional.

Flexo Printing BagsFlexo Printing Bags

Q: Many buyers will ask, Whether to choose the inline or offline printer machine?

A: Generally speaking, for new paper bag manufacturers, it is recommended to purchase a split printer, as one split printer can meet the needs of two paper bag machines, as there are many printing templates for small orders. In the case of large orders, it is recommended to use a one-piece printing machine to increase efficiency and reduce material waste.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Inline PrinterPaper Bag Making Machine With Inline Printer

We have below models.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Inline Printer models

3. Slitting machine

Budget Range:30000USD-35000USD
The slitter is used to slit large rolls of paper and can be set to different slitting widths depending on the size of the paper bag.

Paper Slitting Rewinder MachinePaper Slitting Rewinder Machine

Paper Slitting Rewinder Machine

Labor required:1 person

Machine Video :

The above is the basic equipment that a paper bag factory needs to have for reference only. Depending on the size of the paper bag, the corresponding press machine and slitting specifications may be different. We also support partial customization needs, if interested, please contact us.