Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine ZB1250S-450

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ZB1250S-450 Sheet feeding paper bag making machine(independent innovation), create the high-speed automatic paper bag production. This machine adopts with PLC and Servo control system, reserve of extensible intelligent port for future system upgrade and remote service.

The basis working flow is sheet feeding, positioning, top folding(insert pasting), tube forming, gusset forming, bottom open, servo bottom cardboard inserting(split bottom), bottom gluing, compaction and output.

Details of Paper Bag Machine

Max.sheet (L X W) 1200 * 600mm
Min.sheet (L X W) 560 * 350mm
Sheet weight 200 – 350gsm
Bag height 250– 500 mm
Bag Width 180 – 430mm
Bottom Width(Gusset) 90 – 160mm
Top folding width 30 – 70mm
Bottom Cardboard width 80-150 mm
Bottom Cardboard length 170-420mm
Bottom Cardboard weight 250-400 gsm
Bottom type Square bottom
Machine speed 40 – 70Pcs/min
Total power 20 KW
Total weight 10 T
Glue type Water base glue and hot melt glue
Machine size (L * W * H) 14860 * 4200 * 1800

Standard configuration America Nordson hot melt adhesive system: fast adhesion product, quickly enter the next process.

Standard configuration Bag compaction table: layers compaction bag device, fast adhesion, compaction, overlapping output, convenient collection, improve work efficiency.

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