Sheet Feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine ZB1100A

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ZB1100A sheet feeding bag tube forming machine is suitable for mass production of the paper bags with special paper and other different types of polished and laminated paper (need creased sheet paper as raw material). This equipment can be your first choice for processing high-grade and luxury handbags. The paper is automatically delivered by feeder (speed can be regulated by variable frequencies), then automatically positioned by the line aligning system, eventually output paper bag tube through gluing, tube folding, and impressing process. This machine uses a number of proprietary technologies by which handbag forming precise can be higher, quicker and control adjustment more convenient.

Details of Paper Bag Machine

Max.Sheet (L X W) 1020x600mm
Min.Sheet(L X W) 540x350mm
Sheet Weight 150g-350g/m2
Bottom Width 60-150mm
Bag Width 230-350mm
Tube Length 350-540mm
Machine Size 8075×1 960x1730mm
Machine Speed 50-80 bags/min
Production Power 6.5KW
Total Weight 4 T
Glue Type Hot Melt Glue

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