Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine ZB1200C-430

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Automatic sheet-feeding paper bag making machine ZB1200C-430 is suitable for the mass bag production, it is the first choice of medium and top grade handbag device. This machine use sheet paper as raw material , can one-time finish: paper feeding, positioning, die-cutting, tube forming, gusset forming, square bottom folding and gluing automatic, and then compaction output.

Details of Paper Bag Machine

Maximum Sheet Size 1200 * 600mm(Length*Height)
Minimum Sheet Size 540 * 300mm(Length*Height)
Paper Weights 120 – 300gsm
Bag Height 250 – 540mm
Bag (face) Width 180 – 430mm
Bottom Width 80 – 170mm
Machine Speed Square bottom
Total Electrical Power 50 – 70Pcs/min
Total Electrical Power 10KW
Glue Types 12T
Glue Types Water soluble cold glue (option hot-melt glue)
Machine Size (L * W * H) 1480 * 240 * 180cm

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